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The Number One Risk Factor for Death in the World is Blood Pressure

The number-one risk factor for death in the world is high blood pressure, (according to the Global Burden of Disease Study, the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of the causes of death ever undertaken).

Also referred to as hypertension, high blood stress reportedly lays waste to nine million human beings worldwide every year. It kills so many people because it is able to make contributions to deaths from a whole lot of causes, together with aneurysms, heart attacks, coronary heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke.

The number-one risk factor for death in the world is Blood Pressure

Increased blood

Increased blood pressure may additionally position a strain on the heart and damage the sensitive blood vessels in our eyes and kidneys, cause bleeding in the brain, or even lead sure arteries to balloon and rupture. The fact that hypertension is ready to damage such a lot of organ structures and growth the hazard of heart ailments and stroke, two of our main killers, explains why it’s miles the number-one killer chance issue worldwide.

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As you age, your blood pressure as a tendency to get better and better. Is high blood pressure, like wrinkles or gray hair, simply an inevitable result of aging? We’ve acknowledged for almost a century that this isn’t true, based totally on the research of population research in areas like rural China where common blood pressures remained around the precise of 110/70 their whole lives. Their plant-based diets may have performed a thing for the reason that the best population in the Western international that enjoys such low average pressures perhaps those eating strictly plant-based.

High Blood

So high blood pressure may be a choice: We can continue eating the artery-bursting Western diet, or we can choose to take off the pressure by centering our diet around unprocessed (no added sodium) plant foods. Eliminating humanity’s primary risk factors for death may be simple. No drugs, no scalpels. Just forks.