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Lassan Nawab (Mansehra)

This Camp organized by team SehatKarwan Instacare and Akram Medical Complex for needy humans.

Lassan Nawab is a village situated on 2 hrs power from Mansehra. It’s a Mountainous are and Its human beings don’t have any get access to simple fitness facilities and additionally it is no longer feasible for anybody to usually go to Mansehra’s hospital.

The institution of SehatKarwan in collab with InstaCare and AMC took an initiative to spread attention to among the people of this unexplored region via unfastened medical camp that lets in you to have the equal get admission to to simple health care necessities. The pioneer of imparting fitness facilities via Telehealthsetup.

This Medical camp prepared by team SehatKarwan Instacare and AMC for needy humans on twenty first December 2019 (Saturday) in Lassan Nawab Mansehra village Tarbori in which they provided free treatment and medicines. Around 300+ sufferers had been handled and given loose medicines.
Doctors had been related via telemedicine setup with sufferers, medical docs linked from different areas of Pakistan via telehealth setup of Instacare. The device worked correctly and it’s far an efficient gadget that works even at low bandwidth.
Volunteers from around the Kp joined us, few volunteers got here all the way from Lahore to enroll in the cause. A team of 30 committed docs visited this area under the supervision of CEO and founder SehatKarwan.

Free Services Included

  • General Medical Check-up
  • Physiotherapy Consultation
  • Gynaecology Consultation
  • Psychology Consultation
  • Paediatric consultation
  • Urology Consultation
  • General Medical Consultation
  • Orthopedic consultation
The attention of this camp become to effect people irrespective of Sustainable developmental cause SDG03 which ensures healthy lives and promotes health for every body all through their lifetime.
Lives today are mainly healthier when in comparison to the past. People are dying less painful deaths and are experiencing much less struggling than in the past.
Although there are many who however die because of untimely delivery or other headaches and there are many who are not living a superb healthful life due to nice illnesses however the ratio is in some manner decreased in evaluation to the vintage days.
Sehat Karwan will assist in casting off sicknesses or will lessen the damaging effect of illnesses through a fast gadget that will decorate doctor-patient relationships. And will reduce the price with which the population gets sick and receives abnormalities and disabilities.

Thanks to people of Tarbori for facilitating us.

This chain of fitness drive will retain in future too. We are virtually grateful to our collaborating companions InstaCare AMC for supporting us and making it happen. We are thankful to deltapharma for providing us medicines. Last but not the least our committed volunteers, who traveled with us. Mr Shayan Sethi for sponsoring us. We are in reality grateful to all of you. We are looking forward to paintings with you guys in destiny.