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CTU Clinical Trial Site Unit Since 2020

Akram Medical Complex (AMC) is serving humanity for decades but with the passage of time, it is observed that due to the unavailability of newly researched medicines, patients face a lot of problems. Most of the research medicines in Pakistan are imported so they are expensive and not affordable for the common man and the quality of management/treatment is also not up to the mark.

Good preventive care, a well-equipped diagnostic/radiology lab and highly professional human resources are the pillars of a good healthcare system and without a strong research facility, no institute can stand on solid grounds. In addition to these pillars, a well-established research center is a basic fundamental requirement of a good healthcare system without which it cannot excel.

Keeping in view all facts, AMC has decided to set up a research center where clinical trials of phases 2,3 and 4 will be conducted. A research team counting doctors from all disciplines will be included to conduct research through clinical trials to decide whether the new molecules are better than our current treatment and also ensure the supply of good quality latest medicine at affordable prices for all.

Research Team


Approved as Clinical Trial Site by DRAP

Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan has approved Akram Medical Complex (AMC) as a Clinical Trial Site for clinical trials.